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Company Profile

We are all faced with drainage problem's at one point in time or the other and these challenges not only present disruptions to our lives and severe inconveniences, but also health risks.

Most of the time the drainage problem's are a result of poor construction or obsolete materials. They are revealed in different Newcastle upon Tynes; drain pipes, sinks and sewers which leaves you embittered.

Although they are often caused by faulty or old pipes, you could also be contributing to the problem. Unfortunately, professional drainage companies which are able to fi your issues rapidly and with respect are very difficult to find.

After hearing from homeowners in Newcastle upon Tyne about a void in professional drainage services available, we decided it was time to set up shop.

About Us - Newcastle Drainage

At Newcastle Drainage, we are a family-owned business, managed by drainage specialists committed to providing solutions to affected homes in Newcastle upon Tyne.

We have gathered years of experience as we have been schooling, training and modifying to the ever revolving drainage needs and scenarios with different private and commercial property.

Some of our specialities include unblocking sinks, unclogging bath drains, repairing broken sewers and installing whole new units where necessary. Our specialists possess high levels of certification in their fields and also deliver supreme service.

Economical methods coupled with current technology and techniques are used to deliver swift, affordable and resilient solutions to all your drainage issues. We aim to discover innovative ways to serve our customers by continuous research.

Our Guiding Principles - Newcastle Drainage

Our philosophy is based on integrity, professionalism and true service. Despite the future we envision for our company, we never lose sight of our humble beginnings, operating under the same mission statement.

Since our inception decades ago, our company has remained agile and dynamic. Newcastle Drainage does not adhere to average or superior service grades.

We never forget that our clients are not contracts and forms; our clients are people, people dealing with frustrating and foul messes that they desperately need fixed, without added expense.

We understand the dissatisfaction at the advent of a clogged drain; the issues concerning damaged sewer can bring about concern and interruption of your daily tasks. We will do everything in our power to make sure that the problem is resolved as soon as possible.

Working With You To Fi Your Drainage System

On the contrary, we thoroughly inspect and analyse to determine the most appropriate service method we will use traditional methods if they best fit your problem.

During the course of running our business, we build relationships with many industry professionals, but our key partner is you- our customer.

We are aware of the key part you play when it relates to keeping flowing drains and in respect to that, we offer you free counsel.

If you want to know how to make your drains work better, longer, our technicians can give you lots of information.

Every Newcastle Drainage drainage service comes with a standard long-term guarantee, but we want to ensure that you enjoy the service for much longer.

A Newcastle Drainage You Can Trust

We provide the details of our inspection. And when we've decided on the solution, we'll keep you up to date with the reasoning behind it. We will also explain the completed work to you to ensure that you are happy with both its functionality and looks.

You'll pay only for the drainage work itself. We never charge you for call-outs, pre or post-service inspections, or quotes. This isn't for competitive reasons. It's the service we feel you deserve as our customer.

Our work isn't followed by technical jargon or little time for questions. We are ordinary people who understand your right to know what happened to your drain, why it happened, what needs to be done and what you are paying for.