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Contact Us Today At Our Cctv Drainage Inspection Service In Newcastle upon Tyne: We Are Capable Of Identifying Various Types Of Problems.

Our experts at Newcastle Drainage use modern CCTV drain inspection equipment to inspect every part of your drain With this sophisticated CCTV equipment, we can diagnose the state of your drain with unrivalled accuracy Our professionals work with a very specific CCTV camera.

  • Your drainage problems such as displaced joints and badly laid pipes will be inspected by our team
  • The people in Newcastle upon Tyne usually turn to us when they have drainage problems.
  • Ask your friends and neighbors, you'll find that we are already trusted by thousands in Newcastle upon Tyne.

Here Are Some Of Our Professional Services In Newcastle upon Tyne

Eco - Friendly Cctv Drain Inspection

We use CCTV drain survey cameras that can send images to our well - equipped vehicle for analysis. These images help our experts to figure out if the drains or the sewers are in a good state and whether they are properly structured or not

This process does not mess with your property at all and is completely non - invasive.

We Are A Leading Drain Survey Service Provider In Newcastle upon Tyne

At Newcastle Drainage, we have become very adept at using this complex technology. The CCTV equipment that we have is modern and efficient When we invest in equipment, we invest in the best, because we are committed to providing superior quality to our customers.

Elimination Of Rodents From Drains

Is your home infested with pesky rodents? Our system for CCTV inspection can help

The easiest way for rats to gain access into your property is through your drainage system. Once rodents find their way in, through a tiny flaw, their constant gnawing can quickly destroy your pipes. If you're seeking ISO 140001 accreditation, you will need a drainage survey and CAD drawings of your drainage system and that is where our knowledge and technology in these systems will be of great use

We Employ The Best Cctv Inspection Technology - Drain Survey Specialists In Newcastle upon Tyne

Panoramo: The Drain Inspection Cctv 360B0 Camera, Optimized For Speed And Efficiency

Newcastle Drainage has led the industry in innovative technology, like the first truly panoramic CCTV drainage inspection camera: Panoramo. Normally, the CCTV cameras used by others depend on the user to record and see images whereas; it takes Panoramo just a quick pass to capture every detail The Panorama camera moves with a speed of up to 35 cm/s

All the while, it's not only scanning the surface of your sewer or drain, it's saving all of the data in its impressive memory for technical analysis The information from the survey is later analysed to get to the bottom of your drain problem.

Save Time And Cost With Lisy

At Newcastle Drainage , we make use of LISY sat cam invented mainly for the inspection of lateral drains and sewers. This technology makes for speedy and affordable surveillance of your drain.

With LISY, our engineers can survey your lateral drain and sewer from the mainline with no need to enter the property.

LISY can go as far as 100 meters into the main drainage systems. Even Water Companies now routinely use LISY because of its unmatched capabilities.

Our Software: Ensures Good Work And Returns Cost Savings To Customers

Our goal is always to provide our customers good work, at a good value, and to do it with minimal disruption; our CCTV drain survey equipment makes that possible In addition to reducing time spent on - site, this equipment saves money for our customers.

Laser Profiling: Pin - Point Analysis

For us to obtain precise information regarding the character of a drain, we fix a profiler onto our CCTV inspection equipment. This profiler is capable of detecting the smallest deviation from the initial shape of any pipe. We also use profilers to help us determine a pipe's size, shape, erosion patters, or if there's any debris present

Contact Newcastle Drainage Today And Enjoy Our Affordable Premium Cctv Drain Service In Newcastle upon Tyne

We are more than just another company that offers drainage survey service. Newcastle Drainage has been the leader in this business for decades in Newcastle upon Tyne. From the very start, Newcastle Drainage has been committed to offering unrivalled quality, and superior service, at an affordable rate. And even now, we still constantly aim for higher standards with our CCTV technology.

Unless you are our competition, you should have no problem with the level of satisfaction that we offer our clients.

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