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14 Maintenance Tips To Keep Your Drainage System Blockage - Free

One Truly Inconveniencing Domestic Problem Is A Clogged Drainage, Especially If It Occurs Unexpectedly. In addition to posing health risks, the undrained water in the sink (or bath) and flooding can cause air pollution. But now, you can rest easy.

Drains that are clogged are due to debris accumulation as well as tree root intrusions, grease or small objects getting stuck in the drain. While your house pipes may not be blocked, this is not indicative that a bigger clog is not happening in a different line. There

If You Stay Faithful To These Fourteen Rules, You Can Help Stop Your Drains From Blocking

1. A plunger is effective against minor clogs. Use it.

2. Once or twice every week, raise up the stoppers in your bathtub and clear out whatever debris is in the drain. Make sure to wash the stopper itself before putting it back.

3. Put A Mesh Barrier On Your Bath And Sink Plugs To Catch Hair That You May Lose While Washing It. Just as you prevent food going down the sink in the kitchen, you should ensure hair doesn't go down your bathroom pipes.

4. To prevent hair from falling into your tubs, brush your hair before you get in so that you get rid of the loose hair before washing or bathing.

5. Install grates over your drains to prevent large obstructions. Do Not Use Corrosive Bacteriological Drain Cleaners On Your Drains.

6. Plant flowers and trees away from your pipes to prevent their roots growing into your drains.

7. You should have an annual contract with a drainage company so they can conduct inspections regularly and help service your drains. Newcastle Drainage offers this kind of contract to people in and around Newcastle upon Tyne. You should discuss the importance of taking care or your drains with your family.

8. Avoid using these. They can cause corrosion and serious long - term damage.

9. Your Drains Are For Water And Sewerage Waste. It is not a dustbin.

10. Try to avoid the introduction of oil, fat, meat, rice, hair, gum, grease, medications, condoms, cosmetics and similar item's into your drain.

11. The only things allowed to go down the drain are; for your sink - water, and your toilet - water, urine and faeces.

12. Form A Hook At The End Of A Wire Hanger Which You Straightened, Slip The Hook Past The Cover Of Your Drain And Use This For Fishing Out Drain Gunk.

13. Boil salty water and pour it down your tub, sink, and toilet drains to clear out build up, especially grease.

14. This is not a comprehensive list, as there are many other things you can do to maintain your drainage system. Whatever methods you choose, avoid acidic solutions at all costs!

In the event that you tried all the tips mentioned here but still have trouble with your drain and have no contact details of any drain company, do not damage your drain by applying too much force to it Instead, get in touch with a qualified plumber quickly. For residents in the Newcastle upon Tyne area, Newcastle Drainage are the perfect solution to all your drainage system needs.